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Joel Hurlburt @ C4 Projects, Copenhagen in March-

April 2019

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Joel Hurlburt @ Kunstschlager, Reykjavik

Welcome to the opening of Of What is Left 11 April 2015 at 14.00 - 20.00

An art project from an “archipelagic thought” - perspective

The project Of What Is Left investigates what we as a culture categorize as “what is left” and consider what value things of such status have in our present. By taking as its starting point an active negotiation of the Nordic identity, and through the lens of the three countries' language, and the participants’ correspondence, the project investigates the leftover as a life potential in increasingly unidirectional contemporaries. The project aims to adopt the concept of “archipelagic thought” (Edouard Glissant) as an approach to investigation.

Read the catalog text: Of What is left - Imagine the Spaces In-Between, by Magnus Bons.

The project Of What Is Left is also the name of Studio 44’s exhibition at Kunstschlager. The overall project is a co-operation between three art galleries: Studio44 (Sweden), Kunstschlager (Iceland) and Gallery Huuto (Finland). The participating artists from Sweden are Christina Göthesson, Susanne Högdahl Holm, Joel Hurlburt and Ola Nilsson.

Studio 44, Stockholm is visiting the pop-up exhibition space of Kunstschlager, Reykjavik. The exhibition is part of the Off Venue program at Sequences Art Festival VII.

Artists: Christina Göthesson, Susanne Högdahl Holm, Joel Hurlburt, Ola Nilsson

Adress: Eiðistorg 15, 170 Seltjarnarnes, Iceland

Open: Wednesdays-Sundays 15-18

This exhibition is one part of a larger project, entitled Tricycle, a collaboration between three artist-run gallery platforms in Finland / Gallery Huuto, in Sweden / Studio44, and in Iceland / Kunstschlager, all of which, in addition to conducting exhibitions, in different ways participate in the conversation about art and art contexts. The project explores themes of identity, community, abundance, value and crisis from three different locations in the Nordic region.

This Project was supported with funding from:


Nordisk Kulturfond

Joel Hurlburt receives Studio Support Grant

In April, 2015, Joel was granted the Studio Support Grant (Ateljéstöd) from Stockholms Stad.  The grant period runs between 2015-2017.

Joel Hurlburt @ Konstfack/Kth Research Program

Between March and December, 2015, Joel will be taking part in the Konstfack/KTH Doctoral Program, participating in the course, Theory of Science and Research Methods for Art, Technology, and Design (7.5hp)

Joel Hurlburt: exhibition "Cirkel Studien" at ABF-Huset in Stockholm:

“Sverige är till en grundläggande grad en studiecirkeldemokrati. Det är genom studiecirklar som generationer har tränat sig själva i kritisk analys så att de kan nå förnuftiga beslut genom att arbeta med varandra utan att ge upp sina ideal i den processen”.

Olof Palmes ord från 1969 är aktuella även idag. 

Utställningen Cirkelstudien i ABF-huset är inspirerad av folkrörelsernas bildningsarbete där studiecirkeln har en central roll. De medverkande konstnärerna har studerat på masterprogrammet Konst i offentligheten på Konstfack. På olika sätt har de använt sig av ABF-husets historia och utvecklat verk i dialog med husets väggar och människor.

Välkommen till vernissage 29 januari mellan klockan 17.00 och 20.00. Utställningen pågår mellan 30 januari och 22 februari 2015. 

Medverkande konstnärer: Nicholas Bates, Fredrik Bjernelind, Harpa Dögg Kjartansdóttir, Cecilia Hultman, Joel Hurlburt, Anna Ihle, Vilda Kvist, Anna Lidberg, Emil Magnúsarson Borhammar, Agnes Mohlin, Gustaf Nygren, Johan Stenström och Kolbrún Ýr Einarsdóttir

joel hurlburt receives iaspis international exchange grant:

In October, Joel received the IASPIS International Exchange grant (Internationalt utbytte stipendium) for his forthcoming exhibition at Gallery Kunstschlager in Reykjavik, Iceland in April 2015.  The exhibition, Of What is Left, together with three others from Studio44, is part of a three country international exchange called Tricycle.


Joel Hurlburt Researches 3d animation, augmented reality, and virtual reality at royal institute of art, Stockholm

Joel will be at the Royal Institute of Art, in Stockholm (KKH), during 2014-2015, where he will take part in the Project Year program as part of the Re:motion Group.  Experiments in 3DP zoetropes, motion capture, VR immersive environments, and AR interactivity will all be explored.  From the Re:motion organizers:

Reality can be strengthened in various ways. It can be reproduced exactly, be exaggerated, manipulated or converted into fiction. No matter how reality is perceived - it can be used. The course re:motion dives straight into the opportunities of illusions to challenge the physical reality.
By exploring motions in three-dimensional shapes through both analogue and digital animation we create opportunities for three-dimensional artistic work to be develop in relation to space and time.

Is it possible to merge a reality that can be explored through wearable devices such as AR*, Augmented Reality or Oculus Rift * with artistic practices? How can intangible expressions be created to take place in public spaces?

* AR - a layer of variable 3D digital information that can be considered e.g. through a camera in a wearable device. * Oculus Rift can be described as digital "glasses" that enhance or alter reality.

Joel Hurlburt takes part in exhibition Departure resistance at Gallery 1:10, May 2014:

joel hurlburt receives mfa: art in the public realm, exhibits at konstfack,in stockholm:

Exhibition dates: 15-25 May, 2014.  From the exhibition catalog:

Some of us claim that what is not spoken outright in a conversation is the most interesting; what is triggered by it, the space between bodies. This ambiguous materialization is intertwined with the words, sounds, and gestures.

It's this peripheral language universe that Joel Hurlburt, through his thinking process and in the making, reflects and gives form to in his art project Speaking Volumes, presented as part of the exam exhibtion at Konstfack...

-Katja Aglert, artist and guest senior lecturer


Joel Hurlburt at studio44's 10 year anniversary exhibition, 1st-23rd of November, 2013:

Joel Hurlburt exhibits Semantic Projections at Konstfack, October 24th- November 2nd, 2013


Joel Hurlburt & Karin Törnell Teach sculptural glass-casting at Pilchuck Glass school, in washington, usa, in august 2013:

photo: Jim Baker